Russian Roulette

You learn the odds, but the dice decide. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

One in Five are the current odds, delivered by the top of his field. What does my researcher do? She puts in a call to the top researcher in that field to rate those odds. All while holding her own against brain surgeons and an intellectual in pain and losing hope.

If you ever need a patient advocate, you’ll find no better than my dear friend. This wasn’t going to be an easy trip even if everything went perfectly.

The surgeon is saying that the success of this surgery is 20%. He has completed this exact procedure successfully more times than nearly every surgeon in his field at an Earth-shattering seven. The surgeon called for a review of those odds _has_ written books on this and is an internationally recognized expert on surgery of the cranial nerves.

Our expert surgeon is calling an extremely rare neurological disorder, in this case, ‘atypical.’ He says that the success rate does not justify the risk. He also said, “I get paid, and I love doing the procedure,” which means a book deal or, if unsuccessful, at least getting published somewhere. This is a medical unicorn. The chances of it even existing are as rare as a child being born three months premature, with cerebral palsy, thriving and raising a family. My wife, Tracy Spangler, is a miracle already… Do you test that kind of luck?

What do you decide? How can I even advise on that? These are higher stakes than I ever thought possible.


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