What the hell are you doing in the desert?

I get that one a lot.  Usually in my own voice. Today’s answer is “Despite being allergic to the sun, I moved to Arizona for my health.” Three days of grinding, crushing migraines that only stop to make your neck feel like it is broken? Is my Spider-Sense tingling? 

Now, it is raining. I have the lamest superpower ever. 

This is also why I am supposed to live where it doesn’t rain often. That’s easy to forget when it is dry.

Are you really a farmer?

The short answer is ‘Yes, I am a farmer.’ My farm has an EIN. I file taxes on it.

The real answer is ‘Barely.’ When my wife’s health crashed, we had just gotten started, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes, you hear these horrible stories where the farmer just leaves all of his animals to starve. These are people without a sense of Reason.

With my wife’s sudden brain surgery right on the horizon, you have to decide what you can handle, and make the whole thing manageable. I have sold show quality flocks at cost, because as a full time parent, and now residential in-home caregiver, as well as a Disabled Veteran, how much more is there?

I maintain a central core flock, though, because I have a lot of good birds. At this level, I am still getting insane levels of eggs, but I am also maintaining some very specific traits that will be fun to play with at each hatch. The ultimate goal is that it has to do well in a harsh, desert environment, but what else? This range is dominated by lean and efficient Egger Breeds. My project idea is a Dual Purpose Hybrid. A bird that can still be efficient, but have some meat on its bones. Alert and quick, yet quiet and camouflaged. I haven’t culled this root flock. Nature has.

Just got my next root flock started, The Care Bear of the Chicken World, Silkies! Go ahead and laugh. I’ll show you.

What is it you believe about God, The Universe, Reality, exactly?

‘Exactly’ what I believe is rough, and subject to change. There is probably an official name for what I believe, but I haven’t come across it. (If I had been called a ‘Solipsist’ when I went though my Solipsistic phase, I would have read a lot more Descartes and saved myself some time.) I like it this way, with less inherited bias.

The label I do accept is that of a Pharisee. The original Pharisees were a group of religious scholars who knew the obscure rules and listened to the things you said closer than what you put in the tract you hand out. Maybe we even know it better than you do. Used to drive Jesus crazy, but you have to admit that half of the passages would be missing without someone who could tenaciously ask, “Why?”

The best label I can come up with is Zen Atheist. I don’t sit and I don’t have a rabid need to destroy religion. The Catholics would call me the Devil’s Advocate. I have always had an empathetic ability to feel the other side of the argument and, after spending a bulk of my formative years prepping for the Baptist Ministry, yet losing my faith, I feel rather intimate with the argument of either.

Needless to say, this does not make me popular in Christian Forums, but I have had more Atheist Forums ban me, so I feel that I still have a good balance.

I believe in the Undefinable, but to call it even that is against my religion. Oh, crap. See? Now it has a rule. Perhaps I should call it ‘That Which Should Not Be Named‘ to give it weight so I don’t have to explain it. Crap. See? It happened again.

This also means that I think you’re wrong. I can change my mind. It has happened before, but not without a fight.


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